ČEZ is a real loser in Albania: it is not even allowed to increase its prices

While ČEZ, as other distributors, is raising its prices for Czech households by a percentage representing between a few hundred and several thousand crowns per year for each family in 2013, it didn’t get away with the same idea in Albania. Over the past two years, the money-losing distributor CEZ Shperndarje repeatedly attempted to push consumer electricity prices up in Albania, but found no understanding with the local regulatory agency, ERE, who just ruled – again – that electricity prices should remain unchanged, at least until the middle of 2013.

This is only the latest piece added to the puzzle of misfortune that has beset ČEZ’s activities in the Albanian market. ERE keeps looking for any opening that would make it possible to withdraw the Czech distributor’s license. Another proof of its aversion for ČEZ is the stated reason for rejecting its price increase application: it doesn’t believe the cost-and-expense figures provided by the company.

Translated by Lingvus

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