Ladislav Drab Prepared to Pay CZK 7.2bn for the Dětmarovice Power Plant

The man who co-owns the gas-sector holding CE Group, and the liquefied-natural-gas company American Power Supply confirmed to that he was actually prepared to pay to the ČEZ energy holding the CZK 7.2bn he had offered for the Dětmarovice power plant. The 800MW black-coal-burning source would offer Drab an opportunity for complementing his wide-ranging power-business portfolio. His companies trade in natural gas, electricity, and liquefied gas; they are building a gas pipeline, a super-fast-cycle natural gas storage facility, and also develop real-estate activities.

The amount Drab is offering through his Česká Energie company is generally believed to be extremely exaggerated. The businessman who made his first fortune in Canada has an utterly different vision of the matter than companies such as Energetický a průmyslový holding (Energy and Industrial Holding) or New World Resources. If he succeeds, the real acquirer of Dětmarovice will not be Česká energie, but a new company founded for this purpose by Drab.

Translated by Lingvus

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