Money-loosing Mafra gave a 92.8% discount to Fischer. Well, now only a fool would advertise at Mafra’s with less than a 90% discount.

The Mafra publishing house has been cruising in very dangerous waters recently, far beyond any boundaries of hard bargaining. It offered the Presidential candidate Jan Fischer an unprecedented rebate for his campaign. Fischer’s office has just published the figures: instead of its “Top Kombi” (advertisements in both Mladá Fronta Dnes and Lidové Noviny) product’s tariff price amounting to CZK 4.121m, it invoiced Fischer CZK 297.7 thousand, which corresponds to a 92.8% discount. No more needs to be said, really: the money-losing publisher is heading towards the precipice! So, you would be a fool to place an advertisement with them at anything less than a 90% discount.

The figures are very different for papers published by Fischer’s “advisor” Jaromír Soukup. Týden, Instinkt and Sedmička have been offering reasonable 49% discounts.

Translated by Lingvus

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