Romanians are suing ČEZ in Albania, the court decided to freeze its assets worth €2m

The series of ill tidings that the energy holding ČEZ has been facing in Albania seems to have no end. Enver Hodja’s progeny have been dealing one blow after another to its local affiliate CEZ Shpërndarje. Today, a Tirana court held that the affiliate’s accounts and other assets amounting to a total of €2m should be frozen.

It did so upon a lawsuit filed against the energy distributor by SC AEM, a Timisoara-based Romanian company. In 2011, SC AEM supplied the Czech company in Albania with €2.5m worth of electricity meters, but would never seen the colour of its money. It has now been granted a two-week period for proving its receivable before the justices, which doesn’t seem difficult to do. In fact, the Albanian ČEZ affiliate does not deny its debt. However, its response to the court ruling is quite peculiar: instead of paying the Romanians at once, it protests that the court order might jeopardize electricity supply for the people of Albania. We have already reported on Wednesday that the Albanian regulatory office would take ČEZ’s license away in January. The agony is reaching its climax.

Translated by Lingvus

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