Scrap metal magnate Dubš keeps a low profile since abandoning Werk

Heim Trade, the company regrouping most key assets owned by the Brno-based scrap-metal tycoon Ivo Dubš (67), has been going through a quiet, even boring time over the last few years. More so since 2007 when its affiliate, now called Demonta Trade, got rid of its interest in the tangled knot of Finitrading/Moravia Steel/Třinecké železárny (also called “Werk”) companies, for CZK 4.55bn.

Heim Trade’s consolidated sales amounted to CZK 5.7bn last year, up from the previous year’s 5 billion, to generate a CZK 100m net profit. The Group is made up of dozens of businesses, mostly dealing in scrap metal. In the past, its major affiliates included the Mníšek and Čelákovice metal works, now part of Kovohutě Holding DT (Metal Works Holding). These entities have lost a total of CZK 370m over the past five years.

Translated by Lingvus

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