Silesian shark Radim Masný faces foreclosure

Opava-based Radim Masný was accustomed to dealing with large numbers as far as money was concerned. Incidentally, he used to be closely involved in Miroslav Šlouf’s operations, and no expense has ever been spared there. At present, though, he has a-few-million debts here and there, and foreclosure orders have been raining on his real estate.

One of Masný’s major schemes that is worth mentioning is the mysterious control-taking/ theft of Petrcíle, a company holding a 14.8% interest in then-Nová Huť (New Foundry), now ArcelorMittal Ostrava. Petrcíle that had acquired its shares from the government for the laughable amount of CZK 850m, subsequently vanished from Masný’s portfolio, only to emerge in Pavel Tykač’s and Petr Kellner’s. The present owner of ArcelorMittal Ostrava, Lakshmi Mittal, purchased it from Kellner’s PPF (with Tykač lurking around backstage) for CZK 7.2bn.

Now, however, Masný who is also a former co-owner – and co-gravedigger – of Chemapol, has quite different concerns to tackle. He is being harangued in his very own region, because of an unpaid CZK 3.36m bill of exchange issued back in 2005, plus sundry debts. His creditor Jiří Zeman has filed a bankruptcy petition against him with Ostrava Regional Court.

The most interesting aspect of the process is the list of foreclosure orders issued for amounts of a few million each, against Masný’s house and his land in Karlov pod Pradědem, near to Bruntál. Last summer, foreclosure orders were granted, among other, for the benefit of another Silesian – Dalibor Tesař and his Krnov-based Cresco&Finance company. Tesař is another notorious character of the region: sponsor of the micro-party LIDEM, which is nevertheless a member of the government coalition, and mainly – as the Česká pozice (Czech Position) server recently pointed out – the beneficiary, through his various companies, of an enormous amount of government contracts granted by Ředitelství silnic a dálnic (Road and Highway Agency).

Another foreclosure order against Masný’s assets was granted to Marian Kuś from Český Těšín. One more remarkable personality: a local-level politician, influential member of Social-Democratic Party in Silesia in his time, real estate agent, hotel operator, and former Communist-era secret-police agent. An assorted crowd without doubt. As usual whenever Masný is involved.

Translated by Lingvus

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