Martin Burda and his associate’s beer business has been enormously successful this year

To an untutored eye, it looks like a disaster: Pivovary Lobkowicz (Lobkowicz Breweries) with seven brewery units has been intentionally keeping its results deep in the red, with million-crown losses. In fact, the opposite is true for the group controlled by Třinec-based investor Martin “Banana” Burda: its consolidated profit is up to three times its last year’s value.

“The loss is due to the practiced internal-pricing method: each brewery’s production costs are increased by a margin, and the Pivovary Lobkowicz trading entity purchases their whole production at such prices. To obtain actual figures, you need to look at the consolidated results of all breweries plus the trading company. Their EBITDA was, in fact, between CZK 60m and 70m. This year, I can tell you that the consolidated EBITDA is expected between CZK 150m and 200m,” Pivovary Lobkowicz’s CEO and its minority shareholder Zdeněk Radil said to

Pivovary Lobkowicz controlled by the K Brewery Group operates seven breweries: Černá hora, Protivín, Pivovar Uherský Brod, Jihlava, Klášter, Rychtář Hlinsko, and Vysoký Chlumec, producing about sixty brands. The Group’s majority shareholder is Třinec-based investor Martin Burda with a 55% interest; Grzegorz Hóta holds 30%, Zdeněk Radil 9%, the remaining 6% belonging to Eva Kropová, Burda’s right-hand woman, and the financial brain of his business.

Translated by Lingvus

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