Six people leaving Sazka’s management team. They came with PPF, they are leaving with PPF

On 31 December, 2012, six managers are set to leave Sazka sázková kancelář (Sazka Betting Company), of which four are top managers, and two are members of middle management. They include Operations Manager (COO) Marek Biely, Business and Marketing Manager Jana Studničková, IT Manager Oldřich Hollmotz, Distribution Network Manager Petr Krafka, Head of Asset Management and Purchasing Ivana Ambrožová, and Head of Fixed-Odds Betting Eva Lakomá.

The Sazka’s top managers that remain put, include its CEO Kamil Ziegler, its Operations and Games Manager Ivo Tajšl, Administration Manager Ilona Kubecová, and Finance Manager Ladislav Jelínek.

While the departing six were promoted on PPF’s advent, KKCG appointed no executive manager of its own. Today, Ziegler can be said to be KKCG’s man. Tajšl and Kubecová have been working for the company for a long time.

Things could change yet, though, if Karel Komárek IInd‘s KKCG failed to pay PPF the CZK 5.565bn corresponding to its winning bid for one half of Sazka.

Translated by Lingvus

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