Zeman about Šlouf: Devoting his time to his grandchildren, and about to pass on the business to his son

Miroslav Šlouf (64), an inseparable appendage of former Prime Minister Miloš Zeman, and a man who used to pull the strings of the then-minority Cabinet and of many Ministries, would think about retirement. Even though he is still doing his best to keep his old buddy’s presidential campaign adequately funded, he is no longer on his campaign team, and Zeman has no position waiting for him at the Castle in the case he gets elected.

“You see, he has reached retirement age, he recently built a new house in the suburbs of Prague, and is devoting his time to his five grandchildren. If I had five grandchildren, I would do the same,” Zeman said to the author last evening, talking about Šlouf with a bottle of pine liquor in front of him. According to him, Šlouf would also plan to withdraw from his Slávia Consulting Company, passing it on to his son Ondřej, presently a lobbyist in Brussels.

Slávia Consulting is a private limited company with CZK 500,000 equity, of which Miroslav Šlouf is the only member. This is about all you can find as far as relevant information about the company is concerned; for example, it never files it’s Financial Statements with the Companies’ Registry. However, it has been representing the Russian Lukoil Company’s interests in the Czech Republic, so the business certainly doesn’t struggle in poverty.

Translated by Lingvus

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